The Local Area Resilience Cooperative of Central Oklahoma is a collaborative forum of agencies who provide community resilience services and long-term disaster recovery services to those impacted by disasters in central Oklahoma since spring 2013.

As Oklahomans, we share a history of recovering from adversity. This resilience in how we respond to and recover from disasters is commonly known as the Oklahoma Standard. Every disaster is an opportunity to prove our resilience by committing to stand by fellow Oklahomans through the duration of long-term disaster recovery.

In June 2013, a group of organizations came together and formed the Long-term Area Recovery Committee (LARC) to meet the needs of those impacted by the May 2013 storms and tornadoes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, McClain County, and northwestern Cleveland County (Moore). LARC committed to serve our community’s individuals and families and to strengthen the network of organizations available to support this ongoing process. Efforts for the spring 2013 recovery were ongoing as LARC transitioned to extend support to those recovering from the spring 2015 disasters in central Oklahoma.

Over almost five years, LARC was honored to serve the community. Through service, we learned the importance of a strong relational network that strives to facilitate communication, collaboration, cooperation, and coordination among all those who made that commitment with us.

Today, we are proud to continue standing with impacted individuals, families, and communities; and, with the organizations who serve them and meet their needs. Through sunny days and through disasters that occur within the recovering communities that LARC serves, we will continue to do what Oklahomans do best by proving the importance of resilience with a renewed commitment to fellow Oklahomans. We will stand beside each other as we learn together, value each other enough to openly express differences in safe and respectful ways; and, remember our shared history not to limit our future or build barriers but to inspire innovative group solutions that build capacity.

Many thanks to the dedicated partners who join us, we value each of you and your work!

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