March 2016: Resource Speed Sharing Luncheon

Resource Speed Sharing Luncheon
Wednesday, March 16th, 2016
Click here for location & registration to attend or present!

The Long-term Area Recovery Committee is excited to invite community leaders and disaster care providers to this free opportunity to learn more about disaster response and recovery partners across the central Oklahoma metro area. Lunch will be provided as long-term recovery groups, nonprofits, emergency managers, and other agencies present information about disaster response and recovery resources. Presenting participants will each have:

  • 1 PowerPoint slide
  • 3 minutes to share their disaster response and recovery activities
  • A space on the resource table for networking following presentations

After presentations, everyone can network with presenters at resource tables before leaving with resource lists containing contacts and organizational information from the presentations.

So that we can best plan for food and seating, please click here to register to attend or to present! You can also ask questions or make suggestions at the registration link or contact the Program Coordinator, Caroline Wiegman (; 405-514-1054).


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