2016 Disaster Spiritual Care Academies

Oklahoma Conference of Churches (OCC) is pleased to announce that they will offer disaster spiritual trainings in multi-day “academy” formats starting this year.

Here is the initial Academy Training Calendar that includes links to online registrations for our first 2016 trainings:


You can also find the Academy Training Calendar online by clicking herePlease note that registration closes the Monday before each Academy begins. Space is limited.

Our online Academy Training Menu (click here) offers additional detail. Our program is consistent with the National VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) “Disaster Spiritual Care Guidelines.” The Oklahoma Conference of Churches is truly a national leader as we establish these important national operational standards right here in Oklahoma. The Academy Training Menu describes our three categories for Disaster Spiritual Care Providers, each with specific training courses, qualifications, and accountability:

  1. Local Spiritual Care Responders are trained and credentialed to respond to disasters in their local areas. This training is open to “clergy” and non-clergy. (Non-clergy will take additional courses to be credentialed.)
  2. Deployed Spiritual Care Responders are further trained, prepared, and credentialed to respond to disasters outside of their local areas. (The Local Spiritual Care Responder training is prerequisite for this category).
  3. Team Leaders are trained, prepared, and credentialed to coordinate and direct OCC teams of trained responders. (Local Spiritual Care Responder and the Deployed Spiritual Care Responder trainings are pre-requisites for this category.)

Since launching OCC’s Disaster Spiritual Care Team two years ago, we have continually responded to multiple disasters around Oklahoma, offering healing and hope to thousands across our state. We are so thankful for all who have been a part of this important ministry and hope to see you at a training soon.

For more information contact Rev. Mary Hughes Gaudreau, mgaudreau@okchurches.org, 405-315-1528.




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