Heartline 2-1-1 Registration and Database Info for Organizations

Below are the steps, links, and contacts from HeartLine 2-1-1 registration and database.

Add an Agency:

Direct Link (add agency)


Click “Get Listed”

Fill out online form




Bryan Lewis – Director of Contact Services/Information Technology – blewis@heartlineoklahoma.org
Anna Fullington – Director of Contract Services/Data Integrity – afullington@heartlineoklahoma.org
James Rosa – Resource Database Coordinator – jrosa@heartlineoklahoma.org

HeartLine’s Website (find staff contacts, add agencies, search our Database) www.heartlineoklahoma.org

Access the Online Database:

Go to HeartLine’s website  www.heartlineoklahoma.org > Click on 2-1-1 Online



Already Registered? Update Existing Information:

If you have updates, you can also email your agency information to 211heartline@heartlineoklahoma.org ; and, include phone number and email so 2-1-1 can get clarification on anything they need.


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