Finalize Your Speed Sharing Registration

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for submitting your Resource Speed Sharing slide and registration! We are compiling submissions from more than 25 organizations to present tomorrow. To keep things running smoothly please complete the registration checklist:
>Review the below information
>Check the registration info you submitted for the Resource Sheet
>Check your slide for content and formatting in the LINKED PDF
>Let us know if you have a presentation number/order preference
>Practice presenting to be aware of content, guidelines, & timeframe
Resource Sheet:
Everyone will receive a Resource Sheet listing presentations numbered in order of appearance on one side and organizational point of contact (POC) on the other. This info comes from the registration form you provided, if your registration missed info or if you want to add info, like website or social media, please forward that by 8:00 pm today.

All slides are in a single presentation with common formatting. The template provided format for the slide and type of organization-specific info you may want to cover when you present. We hope you present more than your slide includes because 1 slide is too small to list everything. Revise your slide if you used an alternative format and your slide does not look right; or, if you not aware of the option to use pictures or replace template text with your own. To make these or other changes, please submit a revised slide by 8:00 pm today.

Resource material to bring:
Each presenter may display brochures, fliers, business cards, referral forms, etc on resource tables – rectangular folding tables with 4 organizations per table (subject to change).

Presentation Content:
Familiar LARC members and many new faces plan to attend. Your goal – introduce your organization and programs available to this community in ways everyone can understand. Sharing 2013 response activities establishes who you are, what your organization is capable of beyond current activities, and how/where you fit into the big picture. Those who were not involved in the 2013 response can establish the same things by sharing your organization’s role in and impact on your community; or, other disaster experience.  Regarding current or future activities, please include the information an audience member would need to successfully inform or refer a client into your program.

Presentation Guidelines:

  • Please use the terms survivor, impacted, affected, etc rather than the word victim!
  • Be considerate of the audience (i.e., be careful talking about how needy recipients of your program are – they may be in the room and upset by that way you portray them)
  • Limit use of acronyms like LTRC, IA, DA, CDBG, OEM. If you must use an acronym abbreviation, the first time you do please say the full phrase followed by the abbreviation that you intend to use. For instance, “ a Long Term Recovery Committee, or LTRC, can help by….” vs “an LTRC can help by…”
  • 2013 response activity example info: # assisted, type of assistance, how long, volunteer hours, meals provided, info distributed, partners, etc
  • Current activities/program info: How do I sign up? Do you have a referral form? Where can we find it? If a prospective client calls your office, do they need to specify which services they are calling about or who referred them? What happens after a referral? What feedback can you provide to referring organizations?

Presentation time:
To respect everyone’s time, please hold questions until after all presentations are finished. To assist presenters, a timekeeper will hold sheets of color/number coded paper corresponding time remaining for each presenter. Also, the presentation will show each slide for 3 minutes before automatic applause sound effects indicating a 10 second transition to the next slide. During the transition time, the next presenter will take the stage. We will manually advance to the next slide for pesentations that take less than three minutes; however, manual override is unavailable for presentations that exceed the allotted time. If you want a sound effect other than applause to precede your presentation, please let me know by 8:00 pm today.


  • To best prepare, please arrive by 11:40 with your resource materials. At sign-in, you will receive a packet including presentation number, name tag, and specific instructions. You will have time to locate your spot at the resource table and setup your materials.
  • We will meet in Room B of the Moore Public Library (225 S. Howard, Moore) 
  • Parking is located south of the library and shared with the Moore Community Center

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Caroline Wiegman
LARC Program Coordinator
Cell: 405-514-1054 (preferred)
Office: 405-759-1900

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